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Socialization Training

The #1 cause of fear aggression in dogs is lack of proper socialization. We start puppy training as early as three months old. Having a young puppy takes a lot patience and can be challenging. We teach you techniques to house break your new puppy, to stop inappropriate chewing, biting, trash digging and expose them to new environments in a positive way.

There are several different ways to teach a young puppy to alert you that they need to go outside to use the restroom. It’s your puppy, so we will let you decide which method you like and prefer. It is vital that you start teaching your puppy early that biting, chewing, and digging are unacceptable behaviors. We take a little different approach when dealing with young puppies, they need play time as well as training. We turn play time into effective training time. Your puppy thinks they are playing, but we are actually training them.

When you and your puppy have basic obedience and they trust you and your commands, we will start to introduce other puppies and adult dogs. Doing this will prevent having a fearful adult dog and teach them what they can and can’t do around other animals.

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