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Obedience Training

Obedience training helps dogs and their owners build an unbreakable bond and part of that process is a trust that must be nurtured. Every dog needs a pack leader, that’s going to be you.

Here at B&B we love using the quotes, “The sky is the limit when it comes to training your dog” and “ We train the best dog in the world, – yours”. Like everything in life there is a starting point and an ending point. We start obedience training on our 1st session, after a quick consultation and some paperwork. If there are problems that need to be worked on prior to obedience training, we will work on those issues 1st, such as puppy biting, jumping, excessive barking, etc… after those problems have been resolved, we will begin obedience training.

We start with basic obedience that consists of proper leash control with positive reinforcement, heel, sit, down, stay, recall,(come when called). We also use hand signals with each command, so you can control your dog with non verbal communication. Once these five commands are mastered, we move on to advanced obedience.

If the five basic commands are all you need and you are pleased with your dogs success, then you’re done. We leave it up to you to determine If you want to move on to advanced training.

Advanced Obedience involves all on leash commands that are mastered in basic obedience training, we will teach your dog how to perform those commands off leash. We also teach extended sit and stay with recall as well as area/item search and human tracking/trailing search. Like we said, the sky is the limit.

1-1/2 hour session are $60.

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