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Welcome to B & B K-9 Obedience Training

Welcome to B & B K-9 Obedience Training

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Socialization Training

The #1 cause of fear aggression in dogs is lack of proper socialization. We start our puppy training as early as three months old.

Obedience Training

Obedience training helps dog and their owners build an unbreakable bond and part of that process is a trust that must be nurtured. Every dog needs a pack leader, that's going to be you.

Canine Good Citizen

To pass the Canine Good Citizen test, a dog must prove they are able to behave in a public setting.

Aggression Training

We understand that aggression can be scary for both the dog and owner. That's why we will never turn you away or give up on the progress your dog can make.

Other Popular Services

Private In Home Classes

Private In Home Classes

We know that while you and your dog are here at the training center, your dog may act differently during training than he or she does at home. If your dog is having problems at home, we will train at your home.

Therapy and Service Dog

Therapy and Service Dog

We can help you If you already have a service animal that is having problems with obedience. We can also certify your dog as a Canine Good Citizen, this is the 1st step that is needed for all service working dogs.

Our Guarantee

We train the best dogs in the World yours. We will never give up on your dog.

What Others Say

" Great people who know what they are doing. After one week our hyper little puppy is already sitting on command. "

-- D Johnson

" I own a dog with an aggression issue and Mike at B&B K-9 has changed my dogs life. When I first met Mike he told me he would never give up on my dog, and I thought oh you have no idea what he is really like, but Mike is a man true to his word and in the months that have past I have seen remarkable changes in Hector that I never really believed would happen. Mike is professional, knowledgeable and patient but above all he cares about my dog like if it were his own. I see changes, for the better, in Hector every week and I see my self changing too. I am becoming more confident in how to handle my dog effectively and none of this would have happened without Mikes help. I can't say thank you enough for all the help, patience, and support that Mike has provided. If anybody needs help with their dog from house breaking to aggression Mike is the man that can make it happen. "

-- J Robertson

" B & B K-9 obedience training is a awesome place to take your pet . Sadie has learned so much in such a short time, looking forward to see more exciting things. Michael and Melissa are great to work with in a non stressful environment. And going home and doing homework with Sadie and coming back and showing them how much she has accomplished . Down we are ready for our next lesson.... and if your also having problems in other areas just tell them . They have such a huge heart and love there job.. and they also show lov for your pet.....just cant say enough... Thanks Guys... "

-- J Crecelius

" We had a great first day with Koda... First off, they worked around our busy schedule to make today happen. Looking forward to seeing the positive outcome on our baby boy... Thanks so much Mike and Melissa for a great first day of training... "

-- J Johnson

" Mike and his staff are absolutely awesome. Teddy is learning so much, which makes us very happy pet parents! Highly recommend B&B K-9! "

-- L Aviles

" B&B is great and highly recommended. This is the training you're looking for. "

-- B Munyan

" I purchased a $15k service dog from a company I thought was reputable and was delivered a dog that wouldn't sit on command unless I jerked his pinch collar like instructed to do if he didn't listen. He does his scent alerts but his obedience was terrible. I tried my best to train him on my own but I had NO clue how to handle him, so I set up a consultation with B&B. The first day my dog did SO WELL. He has continued to do better and better since I've been taking him to classes. My dog can be super into a toy and I'll say leave it and he forgets it exists until I release him! B&B doesn't train your dog, they train YOU to be able to train your dog which is so much better!! I would recommend them to anyone with a dog that needs training or retraining I can actually leave my house without worrying my dog will make a scene so I'm so thankful I was told about B&B! "

-- N. Paige

" The BEST in the business. Don't even consider anyone else. "

-- K Frazier

" Today was Angus' first day at school (B&B K-9 Obedience Training). We were praying that they could train this wild dog something. However, our expectations were not set very high at all because of his stubbornness. They went above and beyond our expectations with Angus. Not only did they show us how to make him stop jumping on our guest but also how to heel and sit. The best part was that Angus actually responded correctly to the commands! Mike and Melissa at B&B K-9 Obedience Training are miracle workers. "

-- S. Robinson

" Great trainers and proven results. Mike is the "dog whisperer" of Knoxville!!! "

-- S Page

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